Teri Secrest is a highly successful entrepreneur with 35 years of business experience. She is a woman of great faith who believes it is our birthright to live and work in joy. With a keen eye for helping individuals identify and expand their natural gifts and talents, Teri activates people toward success.

Teri is a sought after international keynote speaker and inspiring leadership trainer. With her background as a natural health author and researcher, Teri draws on her vast knowledge base to help audiences combine a healthy lifestyle with healthy thinking to obtain maximum life results. Her contagious enthusiasm for life propels audiences forward on an exciting journey toward their destiny.

Are you ready to live life to the fullest? Are you willing to let go of the limiting thought patterns that have held you back? Are you ready to experience more joy now?

Invite Teri Secrest for a weekend of transformation in your business, church, or organization and find out why everyone who hears her speak is totally blown away!

“Teri Secrest has been a favored guest on our television program, Everlasting Love, and has also spoken at our ministry’s yearly conference. She keeps her audience captivated and her motivating presentation ignites the hearts of many.”

Patricia King, Founder XP Ministries, Host of Everlasting Love, God TV

“We had 23 million listeners when I interviewed Teri Secrest. There was enormous enthusiasm for her message and she is an eloquent, knowledgable guest! I highly recommend Teri Secrest for any media-related appearance.”

Drew Mariani, Host of The Road Less Traveled

“Teri Secrest is a phenomenal speaker. It does not matter where she speaks and who she speaks to, as she always makes that instant connection with listeners, allowing her message get through and stay. She is a genuine advocate of health and wellness and her talks are always up-to-date and enlightening.  The attendees loved her.”

Karen Conjeho – Marketing Director, Singapore

“You were never created to be ordinary…you are created to be extraordinary!

You do this by taking the natural gifts you were born with and making the most of them. Add to this by surrounding yourself with people who are positive and forward-thinking so you can learn from them.

Then bring people into your circle you can teach and your level of extraordinary will soar. Keep learning and keep teaching.

Be grateful in all things. This is the beginning of a joyful life!”

– Teri Secrest